Recommended Lectures After Completing Part 1 (2020) for Remainder of New Book

Can anyone recommend what lecture series to follow up the Fastai V2 Part 1 (2020) course? I have completed that course, and I have the new book from Jeremy and Silvain, which exactly matches the 9 lectures/notebooks associated with Part 1 (2020). Which lecture series matches the remainder of the book, if any? Perhaps one of the older 2018,2019 courses? I understand these courses rely on older versions of the library, and that’s fine. I’m just looking for the lecture series that would be the most natural progression after Part 1 (2020).

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Perhaps my question wasn’t very clear. Can anyone tell me if the recommended sequence is:

A) Part 1 (2020 Lectures 1-8) then Part 2(2019 lectures 1-8) then Part 2 (2019 lectures 9-14)
or is it simply:
B) Part 1 (2020 Lectures 1-8) then Part 2(2019 lectures 8-14 )
Thanks for any advice!

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The remaining lectures are yet TBD and recorded.

You should continue reading the book meanwhile IMO.

Usually the 2nd part happens 6 months after the first one, so we can expect it to be in November, however, it’s still to be finalised

Thanks! Makes sense to just continue working through the book. I see that the notebooks from the book are available in the fastai repo on Github too. Thanks!