Recommended Courses To Take Alongside

What can be a list of some really great MOOCS or online courses that I can enroll myself in to expand my breadth in Data Sciences/ML/AI/etc alongside the course which can help aid the overall learning experience.
Any suggestions would be a big help, thanks.

I would recommend not taking any other MOOCs alongside fastai. Instead I would recommend focusing on a Kaggle competition to do alongside’s course. Also I would recommend finding a study group to help with learning as well. Good luck in your learning journey!


I would agree with Kevin’s take too…
Focus instead on practicing your skills with fully developing your own project (either a Kaggle competition or your own dataset that you find interesting). That is the best way to aid the overall learning experience.

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Hi Abdxzee
This is the famous unknown unknowns. I would recommend doing all the fast ai courses computer linear algebra and NLP once you have completed the existing course. There will be things that you just do not know and have to find articles to explain them towardsdatascience is quite good. The problem with data is it comes in different forms and the best way to learn is to practice and that will identify the knowledge you are missing.
Regards Conwyn

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