Recommendations for someone studied 2019 class and would like to catch up with fastai v2

I wonder if someone studied both the 2019 and 2020 fastai Class can share some insights in below aspects:

  1. what’s the main difference between fastai V1 and V2?
  2. what is the fastest way to catch up with fastai V2 without watching all the videos?
  3. among all the resources - the class videos and notebook, the fastai doc, and I think there is also a book, what’s the most efficient way to use them? particularly for someone already somewhat familiar with fastai V1

I’d really appreciate your help!


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The first lecture in my Walk with fastai course is designed to get folks caught up :slight_smile: (and new folks too, but I bring up points of where the API is different):


Hi Yiyi Xu
I recommend the book but please read the errata because there a a few typing errors and fastai has some minor changes from when the book was written.
Regards Conwyn