Recommendation for a high performance laptop


I have been using my work laptop for most work, that has restricted me or took longer to install softwares quickly. So, I’m looking for recommendations on high performance laptop. I am not looking for laptop with GPU since using cloud service is better.

Budget: $1000
P.S. I am a graduate student, so I can use my ID for back to school deals. Just in case anyone has seen any good deal for students

Thank you

I’ve been using this for the last 4 months or so, and I love it:

Good graphics card if you either want to DL or play games ( :wink: ) duel storage which I’ve found to be super important, and overall it’s a pretty good laptop. Can’t complain, and mid-high budget ($800ish post tax)

Thank you @muellerzr. Unfortunately it’s sold out. Haha

@vikbehal I’d try to look for something similar. You won’t quite 100% match it (laptops with duel hard drives are the hardest to find), but if you can find anything close it’ll do just fine :slight_smile:

Not looking for a laptop with GPU because cloud service is better? Wouldn’t any mid-grade laptop be okay then?