my data is in the form in a dataframe
img_name X Y
|0| old (1).jpg 234 299
|1| old (2).jpg 188 289
|2| old (3).jpg 204 256
|3| old (4).jpg 255 264
|4| old (5).jpg 177 240

directory =Path(“XXXX”)
src = PointsItemList.from_df(df, cols=‘img_name’, path=directory, folder=‘XXX’)

data = (src
.label_from_df(cols = [‘X’,‘Y’])
.transform(get_transforms(), tfm_y=True, size=(224,224))

i am not sure how to proceed as .label_from_df does not work for me
i am trying to perform image regrssion that is input —> image and output—>two coordinates x and y
the same way as Regression with BIWI head pose dataset in chapter 3