(re) introducting FastPractice: exercices to practice your fastai skills, plus some interesting content

Hi everyone,

I’ve been organizing a fastai study group in my hometown for more than a year now. And students were always struggling to find what to do next, after seeing the lessons and doing the notebooks.

So I created a list of notebooks that let your practice what you learned during the lessons. You’ll have to complete the code in some cells, and code entirely in some others. I use datasets other than the ones used during the lessons, to practice the various preprocessing API parts.

There is also a notebook with a real world example of bias in data, to go with lesson5 !

I’ve spent some time recently to put it up to date, and have it work natively in Google Colab: you’ll have to copy the link towards the data to your Drive (See the github readme for more details), but other than that you are good to go!

Any feedback is appreciated, as I put a lot of time into it :slight_smile:

I hope you will enjoy the content: https://github.com/benjamin-du/fastpractice


Seems promising, I’ll look into it! :slight_smile:
I think you have to search for “benjamin-du” instead of “bdubreu” in Colab to open it from Github.

You are right! I updated the readme accordingly, thanks !

Sounds cool. I will definitely try it.

Thanks ! Any feedback will be appreciated :slight_smile:

I just added a new notebook today to accompany lesson4. You will find it here: https://github.com/benjamin-du/fastpractice/blob/master/Lesson4.2_GradientDescent-WithMNIST.ipynb

Next week I plan to put together a notebook on detailed explanation of cross_entropy…

Anyone would have an idea to practice the collaborative_learning part, other than the dataset Jeremy uses in the lesson ?

Thanks for your time !

Thank you very much for writing this!

I’m brand new to fast AI and data science. I’ve been making my way through the FastAI notebooks and book by Jeremy, but I’ve been very reliant on using the code in the workbooks so far so your FastPractice book is just what I’ve been looking for to practice.

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I see you took the time to register to the forums to post this message. Thank you very much.

I am especially interested in your feedback, as these notebooks are intended with beginners in mind. Let me know if anything is not clear in the notebooks :wink: