Range of `max_samples`


I was going through the notebooks for a second time, and on the Tabular Chapter where we made the random forest like

def rf(xs, y, n_estimators=40, max_samples=200_000,
       max_features=0.5, min_samples_leaf=5, **kwargs):
    return RandomForestRegressor(n_jobs=-1, n_estimators=n_estimators,
        max_samples=max_samples, max_features=max_features,
        min_samples_leaf=min_samples_leaf, oob_score=True).fit(xs, y)

then calling this function by

m = rf(xs, y)

gives an error saying: max_samples must be in range 1 to 27494 but got value 200000
Note that xs has 27494 columns
Funny thing is that the same code ran properly a few days ago. From what I understand, had we specified something like min_samples greater than the range, it should have been a problem. But why is this problem with max_samples