RandomResizedCrop vs Squish

In notebook 2, the book says that ResizeMethod.Squish results in squishing/stretching the image which results in images that are unrealistic, then RandomResizedCrop is introduced as the commonly used solution in practice.

But by default, using e.g., RandomResizedCrop(128) crops the image with an aspect ratio of 3/4 or 4/3, which is then scaled to 128x128. This scaling results in stretching/squishing the image as well leading to images that are unrealistic. So how is that different than the output from Squish which as I understand the book argues is unrealistic and I thought shouldn’t be used.

The link (https://paperswithcode.com/media/methods/output_12_0_PevPHfi.png) shows the output from RandomResizedCrop and some of the images clearly look stretched/squished and so unrealistic.

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