Questions after the first lesson


I’ve just finished Lesson 1 of Part 1 and so far, I’m enjoying the course and learning a lot. I have a few questions:

  1. Is this the homework?:

    • Run this notebook using ResNet50
    • Create own image dataset using a guide by T.A. Francesco
  2. I was very excited when he mentioned people who got into the deep learning industry by actively following through the Fast.AI content. I’m currently a 2nd year CS undergrad. I have learned some things on my own but definitely not to this extent and that’s why I know I should be here. However, I got rejected from various residency programs (Uber, Google, Shell, FCAI) not too long ago and been constantly getting rejections from all of the internships, co-ops and entry-level positions that I’ve been applying to. How did those people make it? Just following through Fast.AI? Side projects? How do we show that we finished through the Fast.AI content? I had no luck even getting a basic entry-level position and I’ve been trying for a long time. Really appreciate any type of input on this.

  3. I remember reading some things about doing a fellowship at Fast.AI. What exactly is the nature of that program? Does it still run? Is it remote?

Thank you

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Are you doing v3 of the course, or it is the 2019 version?

I’m going through the v3 version