Questions about starting with blogs: Any tips appreciated!

Hey everyone!
I just read Rachel’s post on how valuable blogging experience is, and I’m considering starting doing so myself just like a lot of you guys in this forum! I’m really looking forward practicing my writing skills as I’m learning more and more about how important it is in this field.

I’m a full-time learner as I’m in a gap year before entering college, and these are the contents I’m thinking of posting as I start blogging:

  • Monthly progress checkup on what I’ve studied/done, organize links for other posts I made that month, and give a short review on how the month went
    • Why? I want to keep in track of what/how I study…so why not share with others?
  • Showcasing my mini practice projects that will likely cover core concepts I want to explain in my own words.
  • Paper Reviews (Multi Agent RL)

Now I’m a bit confused on which platform to use as I’m absolutely new to blogging stuff: fastpage or medium. So far I get the feeling that medium is easier to get more exposed to other readers and have more interaction, although I don’t think my journal-style monthly progress check would fit with the vibe.

On the other hand, fastpage seems like a natural way to integrate with my existing page but I’m concerned how to interact with others. I don’t know if there’s features such as tracking views, comments, or follow/subscribing.

Considering the contents I’m thinking about posting, what do you guys think would fit better? medium, or fastpage?

Thank you so much!

I began blogging about a year ago on Medium, so hopefully I can answer your question(s).

Regarding which blogging platform to use, if your posts are going to be simple (not talking about the content. Are you going to need Jupyter support? How about LaTeX? Etc.), then I’d tilt towards Medium because it’s awfully straightforward to use and like you mentioned grants you more exposure.

Otherwise, fastpages is your best choice given that it integrates effortlessly with Jupyter Notebook & its various functionalities (LaTeX, collapsible cells, and so on) and it’s also easier to use your own domain.

In short, if you’re seeking something more flexible, then fastpages but if your posts are going to be mainly words with maybe some code or math notations here and there, Medium is easier to use and gives you more followings.

By the way, if there’s one tip with respect to content I could give my one-year-ago self, it’d be know your audience. Are your readers going to be top-tier researchers? If so, there’s no reason for you to waste your time and explain what a fully-connected layer is. But if they are beginners with no knowledge of machine learning, it’d nice not to dive into complicated concepts right off the bat and explain everything in detail.

Do let me know if I wasn’t clear enough!