Question: why learn.recorder.plot() plot nothing

I am trying to use fastai.tabular for a regression problem. I have done feature engineering and all good.
Here is what I have


Learn.recorder.plot() returns nothing and Training returns NaN for all the losses for few epochs.

I am able to use xgboost/lgbm to train the data.

Any ideas? What should I test?

Try setting the skip start and end parameters in recorder.plot() eg:

learn.recorder.plot(skip_start=0, skip_end=5)

Ive found this useful sometimes after unfreeze, may also work for your issue above.

I just read your losses are nan-so nothing is going to work till you fix that. I recall a post/some code by sgugger on how to debug nan losses, I’ll see if I can find it.

Here it is, may help you debug:

As your data is tabular-check your data types, for example see the tabulat.ipynb in fastai examples where dtypes are int64, object or float64.

Try a split by indexes instead of by pct


I still can’t resolve the issue. I followed the example and change dtypes accordingly(float64 and int64).
Use the call back function comfirmed the NAN loss issue. However, I have no idea how to debug it. Any suggessions? What things should I try?

I would try cutting down the training dataframe to a small subset of columns, eg 4 categorical and 2 continuous. See if that runs. Then keep expanding the columns till you work out where problem is.

Also, do a git pull to update fastai to latest version

I had the same issue…try reducing batch size. It worked for me!