Question: What does the dot mean in the path ".fastai"?

Hi, this probably wins the most basic question award in the entire forum but since Jeremy’s so encouraging in his video (and I greatly appreciated it) I thought why not.

So in part1 lesson 1, the following command:
path = untar_data(URLs.PETS); path
returns this:

Took me a long time trying to find where “.fastai” folder is. The folder doesn’t appear when I do ‘ls’ on my mac. But if I do “cd .fastai” i get into his mysterious hidden folder. My question is, is “.fastai” a hidden folder? I feel there’s more to it. Can someone explain this to me?

Many thanks!


Yes it’s a hidden folder.

Google for “os x finder show hidden” for Finder setting to show them.

You can also do a ls -a and it will show you all the hidden files in your directory (folder)


Thanks guys. This is helpful, especially to absolute beginner like me.

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