Question on Saturday Workshop

I’m going to miss the first hour to 1 1/2 hours of it … so

1. Will it be recorded and available to watch later?

2. Is there a general idea of WHEN the things in the outline will be covered over the 4-hour course?

If anyone is planning on documenting things in terms of wiki post I’m down to help (I know being able to print the media wiki posts from old part 1 for review was extremely helpful).

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Checkout Jeremy’s reply on your first question in the International Fellowship Thread

I think it would be great for folks to add to Wiki at the end of each class to have a summary and also Resource links.

Sorry no idea about when things will be covered - it’ll be a very loosely structured workshop and what we cover will be very dependent on what questions we get.

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And thanks to both you and @rachel for admittance into the fellowship! Really looking forward to it and getting to know/work with everyone in the class.

Actually I’ve just typed up a rough schedule: . But I have no idea how long each bit will be, or whether we’ll move things around a bit.


The link to the Live Stream is yet to be published, I assume…just asking so I don’t somehow miss out on it.

Looking forward!!

When will live stream link get published. :slight_smile: Can’t wait now

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