Question on nbdev github deployment

I am a new user here so forgive me if I am asking something that is already answered. I haven’t found anything addressing my question.

I have successfully gotten my nbdev environment up and running via the online tutorial and completed everything including getting github to automatically deploy the initial nbdev-hello-world notebook to my personal github page

If you visit the link, at the bottom you will see that the image from this part of the notebook is broken:

from IPython.display import display,SVG
display(SVG(’ < svg height=“100” xmlns=“SVG namespace”> < circle cx=“50” cy=“50” r= “40” /> </ svg>'))

However it works just fine when in preview mode.
I was hoping someone might be able to point me at the solution to fix this .

Thank you!


@hamelsmu could this be the same issue you just fixed with embedded links not working?

This should be fixed in master now. I just tested it with the code you show above.

Thanks for the clear issue and link to repro @rbagdazian .


Thanks for the update @jeremy! I’m really looking forward to using the nbdev workflow in my notebooks!

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