Question on labeling images with multiple objects


I’m doing the homework for the first module, ‘Image Classification’. I’m creating a dataset of bikes vs motorbikes. While looking on google images for data for this dataset, I come across images like this one

My question: is it ok to label images like this one, which has multiple motorbikes in one picture, as ‘motorbike’? Or should I stick to images of a single motorbike and not consider images like these in my dataset. What about images with people riding motorbikes?

My intuition is that there is no harm including images with other things in them so long as at least one motorbike features prominently in the image. Please let me know if I’m on the right track.


Yes but don’t label complete label. In your case it has two classes in an image, so don’t label them as a single label like 0 or 1. There are data augmentations like mixup that combine two images into a single image and as a result also modify the label. So you can label something like 0.6.

Hmm I don’t want to complicate things too much given this is my first experiment. I think I will drop all images that have multiple objects from the dataset for now. Thanks for the advice!