Proposed PR: Adding Population Based Augmentation

Enhancing fastai’s data-augmentation capabilities (

Code released
@jeremy seemed interested in this work.
This being my first time, trying to make the transition from fastai user to fastai dev, I would be needing help to get it merged. So how should I/we go about it?


Great find! I did notice though that their code is in Python 2… not 3… we’d need a lot of converting first…

How about we get started then?

I am not experienced enough in python, nor have the time (as I’m still in college) at the moment. But best of luck getting this!

Interested in this as it might be usefule while I work on the Unsupervised Data Augmentation paper. Although I have the suspicion that a long list of things is going to change in this area of the codebase with v2, so it might be worth waiting? Don’t know

Hey! I’m the author of the work. I recently added Python 3 support to the code :slight_smile:


Has anyone started work on a PR?