Project idea: Create libsixel version for Swift

For those that haven’t seen it - libsixel is awesome. With it, we can show plots, images, etc in a console. I added a simple matplotlib sixel wrapper in fastai, for instance.

Would one of you be interested in wrapping it with a Swift wrapper? We’ll be discussing C interop in class this week, so this would make a great project! :slight_smile:

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Is it a standalone binary that can render arbitrary “graphics” into the terminal? Sounds like a good replacement for X window forwarding. (If I understood the idea correctly).

Looks interesting. I would be glad to assist. Though I am not sure if I can do it fast and qualitatively. I’ve worked with Python for a long time, and have some experience with Swift. (A really great language, from my point of view). But my C interop skills are pretty humble. Also, I don’t have too much experience in Swift outside of macOS/iOS development.

If I can’t handle this thing myself, I would be glad to help someone more capable than me.

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possibly relevant

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