Productionizing with voila 404 page not found Lesson 2

I have performed a classification for the Skin cancer data set available in Kaggle( malignant and benign). I have the two ipynb files ready as mentioned in the book and told in the course. When I try to generate the voila link after following all the steps exactly the same way told, after changing the ‘notebooks’ with ‘voila/render’ it shows that ‘404 page not found’. Can someone please tell me how to solve it. That’s why I can not generate a public link with binder. Though it runs in my localhost with voila but everyone can not access that. I want a public link where people can use it like an web app like uploading an image and knowing the class of it as shown in the lecture video. If anyone knows please help me.

Hi, could you walk us through the steps you took with screenshots or maybe share a link to the repo (since binder requires a public repo)?

The above link is of the GitHub repository.
The main problem is happening with Voila, not Binder.
When my code for the web application is ready, I can not generate a public link with voila for that, in the way they said. The link I am generating is using a different technique and is a local link for my laptop.
If I follow their procedure to generate a publicly usable voila link it shows “404 page not found”.