Productionize Deep Learning Models

Hi @jeremy Kindly let us know few leads like papers and architectures which can be referred to productionalize the deep learning models which we have studied.
It would be great to know architectures for both Batch oriented and Realtime applications.

I would look at all the docs and details about Tensorflow Serving. I’m not aware of other projects that have done so much in this area.

I’m currently working on a blogpost that details on how to build a Prisma clone using a) FloydHub, b) Caffe2 and c) Tensorflow Serving. That should help you. I’ll ping you the draft over the weekend, you can read it and let me know if you’re able to follow it well enough. I’m planning to create a series on Medium that tries to replicate some of the more famous AI apps in the market using the techniques taught in this course. :slight_smile:

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Sure @karthik_k314 Pls send across when you are ready.