Problems using GPU on Macbook Pro ... any ideas?

I have a 2015 macbookpro (OS X Yosemite) with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M card.

Installed the latest version of CUDA (8.0) and followed the directions from here:

Getting this error when attempting to use the GPU:

WARNING (theano.sandbox.cuda): CUDA is installed, but device gpu is not available (error: Unable to get the number of gpus available: CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version)


Problem: Installed the latest version of CUDA (8.0) when my driver required 7.5

Solution: Uninstalled 8.0 and then installed 7.5 (see #3 and #4 below), downloaded the proper version of cuDNN and copied the relevant files into the appropriate directories (under /usr/local/cuda), made sure my paths were set correctly in ~/.bash_profile … and voila.

Links to help others looking to develop locally on their OS X machines that aided me:


@wgpubs how does the macbook gpu perform?

@stickperson Not very well at all.

In fact, it was so poor that I pretty much switched to running everything on my Windows laptop.

Outside of some of the smaller notebooks in the course, I’d advise using the EC2 server or considering Windows.

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Here’s my setup

I have checked your post. Did you install it on virtual machine? since the bash file is for Linux I think.

Sorry, just saw this. This writeup was for setting up on my MBP. No VMs just bare metal.

Just a heads up - I recently got a new Macbook Pro Retina with the i7 (Gen 8).

I migrated my old profile from my 2017 Retina and has the same issues.

To fix, I removed these CUDA files manually:

/Library/PreferencePanes/CUDA Preferences.prefPane