Problems Displaying some notebooks?

I’m downloading some notebooks today for review but i’m having trouble displaying them. I’m using
wget as I have with notebooks lesson1-7 (all which display fine in the browser)

It looks like i’m download the notebooks fine.

But when I try to view the notebook in the browser I’m getting this error:

I’ve tried to download several files as tests

and they all come up with the same Unreadable error. But when I click each link, they seem to look like valid JSON to me. I’m not doing anything different than when i downloaded lessons 1-7 (And I’ve opened all of them successfully). I’m puzzled as to my browser (Firefox on Ubuntu) decided that it won’t read ipython notebook now.

Thanks for any insight!

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And I’m serving the notebooks off of AWS, if that helps.

hey @melissa.fabros, regarding this error: I was going to say:

  1. the python version to be either 2.7.9 or 3.x.
  2. and make sure the ipython and jupyter were installed through conda.
  3. If the .ipynb files were opened with an editor like vim, it might have causes white trailing space to be added. Make sure that doesn’t happen.

but, there seems to be a segmentation fault error on your terminal in the image, is there something running in the background by any chance?

This usually a unix-c binary library issue, since you’re on an EC2 a restart /reboot might fix it. (or turn the instance off and on)

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I have found that problem occurs due to a bug in wget when running in a small tmux window. Try making your window larger and see if that fixes it.


thanks @jeremy and @yad for your attention! increasing size of the tmux window solves the problem. I have all the notebooks downloaded now. Thanks!

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I had the same error message. I think that when I used wget to download the .ipynb, I downloaded the .html version from github rather than the the raw code.

I solved this by clicking the button labeled ‘raw’ in the github interface, i.e., and then used wget with this link.

Hope this is helpful.


Thank you! That worked for me!