Problem setting up google cloud (GCP)

I was setting up GCP using this link

and it was working fine until it came to the stage where I had to choose between projects.

  1. There is a project there called concise-wharf-234708 that I had nothing to do with.

  2. The Guide says

"Just enter the number next to the project you created on step 1. If you select the choice “Create a new project”, you will be reminded you also have to run “gcloud projects create my-project-3”.

Lastly, you’ll be asked if you want to choose a default region, choose us-west1-b if you don’t have any particular preference, as it will make the command to connect to this server easier"

but creating a new project it asks for a project ID and I don’t know what that is.

I’m stuck with the installation and really need some help

Your main question is how to find the Google Cloud Project Id, right?
If I go to and log in, I’m redirected to the dashboard where I see my project immediately, and can find the id as well:
If you don’t see something like this, my guess is that you did not se a project yet in the correct way, although I might be wrong.
Let me know if you got it working!

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I got confused because there was a project there already.
I went to the console upgraded the account and now I’m waiting for gmail’s confirmation.

Finally got it working! thanks!

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