Problem running code in Ch1

Running the code path = untar_data(URLs.CAMVID_TINY)
dls = SegmentationDataLoaders.from_label_func(
path, bs=8, fnames = get_image_files(path/“images”),
label_func = lambda o: path/‘labels’/f’{o.stem}_P{o.suffix}’,
codes = np.loadtxt(path/‘codes.txt’, dtype=str)

learn = unet_learner(dls, resnet34)
from Chapter 1
gives me this error
NameError: name ‘SegmentationDataLoaders’ is not defined

How do I fix it?

Can you please confirm if you have imported all the required packages


Hi, what are the required packages that need to be imported for this code?
Best Regards

Make sure vision module is imported.

from import *

Can you try colab?

As pointed out by @msivanes you can do that …