Pretrained xresnet34 fails to load

When trying to create a pre-trained layer with xresnet34 and xresnet18 I get the error:

copying a param with shape torch.Size([64, 64, 1, 1]) from checkpoint, the shape in current model is torch.Size([64, 64, 3, 3]).

Currently we only have available the weights for the 1 channel version?

The model loads correctly for resnet50/101

xresnet only has pretrained xresnet50 at the moment I believe

def _xresnet(pretrained, expansion, layers, **kwargs):
    # TODO pretrain all sizes. Currently will fail with non-xrn50
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So we have an XResNet50 pretrained now, but it’s only available in v2 correct?

Yes. But I think you could copy the weights over since it’s just pytorch weights?

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Awesome, that’s a great idea and should work. I’ll test it tomorrow - thanks for the idea!

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