Present your work, give a talk at a conference: Calls for Proposals (CFP) and Conferences

Hi Deep Learning Enthusiasts,

Presenting your work can be nerve-wracking and fun. The first time I gave a talk my knees were knocking (luckily I was standing behind a podium!). After years of practice, I still get nervous about presenting, but I learn new tricks and enjoy it more each time.

Let’s use this Topic to tell each other about conferences that are welcoming to all levels of presenters and help each other with our applications to speak (our titles/abstracts) and our presentations.

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For people who are not ready to present at a hard-core AI/Deep Learning conference, I recommend submitting a talk proposal to PyBay2019. I attended last year and the community was very welcoming :grinning:

PyBay is San Francisco’s local Python conference that will be held August 17-18 at UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center this year. They have an AI category that is appropriate for Deep Learning talks.

Conference tickets are half price (50% off) if you are a speaker.

Submit a talk proposal by clicking on a yellow button here. The call for proposals (CFP) ends one minute before midnight on Wednesday April 24th.

If you want guidance on how to choose a good talk title and write a compelling abstract, reach out by posting below.

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If you’re looking for someplace to speak, you should reach out to Chris Fregly and the Advanced Spark and Tensorflow meetup. I am doing a talk next week (April 15th) on AlphaFold and another later this month talking about different approaches to SQuAD (NLP). I did a talk last fall for Scale by the Bay and would suggest you submit a proposal for that as well!

I’m currently at anacondacon and thinking about presenting next year. Anybody else here?