Preparing for Google/ Facebook or similar AI Residency Programs

I am planning to prepare for residency programs for 2019 and needs expert guidance for the same.

I have divided the preparation into multiple areas such as

  • Course (e.g. fastai part 1 and part 2)
  • Theoretical Concepts/Books
  • Practical approach taken (e.g. kaggle rank or real world problem wip/solved)
  • Knowledge sharing (e.g. own blog)
  • Coding knowledge (e.g. open source contribution)

I would like to understand if it feasible to prepare for it in next 10 months provided I can devote 20 hours per week dedicated for it (or should I aim for 2020 program). Frankly I am overwhelmed by looking at profiles in google program.

I believe this is kind of abstract question but based on the responses, I might be able to create some sort of plan to tackle it.


Youā€™d be best off asking folks who are doing and/or running the programs. Each one will have different selection criteria. Generally however, it seems that being able to point to successful real-world applications counts for a lot.

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