Predictions using Pytorch neural network does not seem right

After going through the first 5 lessons of I decided I will try to create a neural network using Pytorch for tabular data. I was able to create a NN with 3 layers and added a LogSoftmax layer at the end along with NLLLoss. But when I use the network to make predictions, the predictions does not seem right to me. They are of very high values and If I am not mistaken the softmax layer should return me values that add upto 1.
Kaggle Kernel Link :
Please let me know If i doing something wrong.

Did you come right with this? This is my issue:
Mismatch between FastAI prediction and Pytorch prediction - PyTorch Forums

Did you preprocess your data in the same way fastai does? (Normalize based on the training data, label-encode the categories, etc)

This may also be some help if you’re using tabular pandas: Exporting `TabularPandas` for Inference (Intermediate) | walkwithfastai

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Thank you. Absolutely right- it was normalization on the tabulardataloader, which is done prior to the model in the fastai predict method.