Predictions in torch and fastai


I have a model based on EfficientNet-b3 that was trained in a container using fastai 1. I would like to re-use this model for inference in another container working with fastai 2.

I tried to load the .pkl file with load_learner in fastai 2, but it failed. I get a similar error as in this topic

I finally proceeded as follows:

  • load the model in the fastai 1 container
  • save the model parameters with, './model.pth')
  • copy the .pth file to the fastai 2 container
  • load the model in the fastai 2 container with
model = EfficientNet.from_pretrained('efficientnet-b3', num_classes=n_classes)
  • predict with model(image)

I checked the top 5 predictions and they are quite different from the ones I got in the fastai 1 container.

I wanted to ask if the original .pkl file contains some pre- or post-processing steps that I should reproduce when I use the .pth file?

Thanks for you answer!