Post course SF Study Group!

Hey Guys,

Would love to keep meeting up in Bay Area and many of you guys expressed interest in this so lets get one started! So some suggested same time as the course on Monday.

I created a Doodle so please vote here for the time that works the best:

Waited one week for trailing votes to come in. Looks like Monday night works best for everyone. I have emailed Leslie about booking a room in USF and waiting to hear back.

I like the idea of going through as well as reading a research paper together.
I’ll update you guys on the meeting location.



Would be great to keep this going! I’m in South bay and I can come by occasionally.

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I really enjoyed the deep learning book reading group last summer, got me hooked on coming to USF. Would be great to see if we can get something like that going again!


+1 good idea

@asparagui what did you guys do at the reading group?

We worked though the deep learning book one chapter at a time. Each week they tried to have a different presenter give their take on whatever the chapter was about. Ian showed up a few times, as well as Christian Szegedy and many other interesting speakers.