Possible to include library version in online docs?

With new versions of the library coming out frequently, the API has changed significantly between 1.x.x versions. When consulting the online docs, I realized the home page did not include a library version number for what it was documenting. Might it be possible to just throw this number in there somewhere, or maybe have a dropdown to select the fastai version much like the Python docs use?

I realize best practice at this point is probably just to update fastai frequently and always use the latest version, or to build the docs myself from the github, but I still think reflecting the version in the online docs would be useful.

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The docs are updated as the library go along, so they correspond to master. We’re a bit early in development to save docs corresponding to a specific version, we’ll do this when the API is fully stable!


Fair enough! I’ll make sure to use the latest version. Thanks for the timely reply.