Podcast interview with Jeremy Howard (released today)

I interviewed Jeremy a few months ago for my podcast, Sources & Methods. I think those studying with the fast.ai programme will find lots of inspiration and useful tips here.

https://www.sourcesandmethods.com/podcast/2019/6/28/sources-and-methods-44-deep-learning-with-fastais-jeremy-howard is the link.


I just listened to it and wanted to give you some feedback.

Could be improved:

  • Audio: There seem to be some random skips within the recording. At first I thought it was my wifi, but it’s consistent across devices. Could also have been Jeremy’s mic.

  • Filler words (like, kinda, sorta, etc.), uhms: Be cognizant of these and cut them down!

Already is great:

  • Questions: You asked some houghtful questions.

  • Dialogue flow: You know that podcaster who likes to hear himself talk so much that you barely get to know the guest (Rogan!)? Not you :smiley: ! I thought it was great that you let the guest be the show and just guided the conversation.

I hope this doesn’t come across as personal criticism, it’s not meant that way. Thank you for providing content like this. Cheers!

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Thanks for thoughts / suggestions. And thanks for listening!