Please help me gain clarity about fastai

I see I can buy the ebook “Deep Learning for Coders with fastai & PyTorch”, but I also read that the “Jupyter Notebooks” are free, but then there is also a “course” available?!

Do I need to buy the ebook, or just take the course or both or what?!

Is the book up to date with the "Official Part 1 (2020)?! (whatever that is…)

The book and the Jupyter Notebooks have the same content (the book was actually written in Jupyter Notebooks then converted), but the book is formatted better in some areas. If you can, you should get the book, to support the good work being done by the team but you can also use the Jupyter Notebooks to get the same content.

fastai also a video course for the Part 1. Which one should you take? Well that’s a matter of preference and what you learn best with. But using both the course and book/notebooks is also a good way to see the same content explained in different ways which may improve understanding.


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