Platform: Rendsolve v 2.0

It’s with great pleasure to give you guys an update on our portal. We have pushed a Major version update to our cloud, It went live last night. The new version addresses a lot of the feedback received and changes the entire stack previously used and development is now 100% internal.

Getting to your Jupyter Notebooks has never been easier on our platform and we have a Fast AI v 1.0 capsule ready for you to launch.

Note: Charges accumulate unless your Node is Destroyed. Keep this in mind!

Here is a quick video to highlight our platform & Fast AI Capsule

Whats New in v 2.0 ?

  • Per Minute Billing
  • Faster Start Times
  • NVSMI - Monitor your GPU on the Dashboard
  • Configurable Passwords on Order.
  • New Cheaper Prices
  • Noto – Jupyter Notebook scheduler

Whats Coming in v2.1 ?

  • Node Hibernation (Halts charges)
  • 2FA

Whats Coming in 2019 ?

  • Google & GitHub Sign Up / In
  • Noto:
    • GitHub Support
    • Python Scripts

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