Planet Classification Challenge


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Hi all,
I am new to fastai. I have a question about probs.shape v.s.len(data.test_ds.fnames)

since probs.shape returns # (n_images, n_classes), is the n_images supposed to be the same as what returned bylen(data.test_ds.fnames)?

I have probs.shape (7186, 226) and len(data.test_ds.fnames) 39697

I have this question because when I run
df.insert(0, 'id', [o[5:-4] for o in data.test_ds.fnames])

I am getting this:

ValueError: Length of values does not match length of index

and… the test images in the test folder is 39705 , don’t know why it’s different then len(data.test_ds.fnames) 39697
(I am running the planet code on the different dataset and using dog breed submission code trying to create the submission file)