PlaidML DL platform

Has any of you tried to run fastai on PlaidML? The promise is that it works with non-nVidia GPUs. Slower speed is not of a great issue for learning if it helps you to save $$ on buying expensive cards/cloud time.

I have just stumbled upon it in this reddit thread:, so I don’t have any personal experience with it yet.

PlaidML - A platform for making deep learning work everywhere.

PlaidML is the easiest, fastest way to learn and deploy deep learning on any device, especially those running macOS or Windows:

  • Fastest: PlaidML is often 10x faster (or more) than popular platforms (like TensorFlow CPU) because it supports all GPUs, independent of make and model.
  • PlaidML accelerates deep learning on AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, ARM, and embedded GPUs.
  • Easiest: PlaidML is simple to install and supports Keras, ONNX
  • Free: PlaidML is completely open source and doesn’t rely on any vendor libraries with proprietary and restrictive licenses.

… follow the link to read the rest of the document on plaidml :

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I haven’t tried it, but it doesn’t seem to support PyTorch.

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i’ve tried it with keras, and it works well. but like msp said, no pytorch support

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