Petition to get Jeremy to write a book

The courses are topnotch. To an extent, I feel I’ve wasted time doing and working through the Keras book before doing these.
I really want a handy desktop reference to refer to containing all the stuff from the courses and I am sure others do too


check out @hiromi blog posts on medium. If you copy them in onenote/evernote you basically have a “desktop reference”.


The book is still in progress right? Just confirming.

Can pre-order now

ISBN-13: 978-1492045526

Thank you so much. I can’t ask new questions on the forum yet (new account) but it would be great if you can answer one more question. I will keep it real short. I am learning Intro to ML by Jeremy. Am I wasting time by learning that or should I jump straight to Deep Learning course? Really confused about that.

I took the ML course after taking an early version of the DL course and got a lot of good insight.

I would suggest taking it up to the point where Jeremy starts in on deep learning, then switch over to the most recent DL course.

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Cool. Thanks again

Welcome aboard. This place is a treasure.

It really is. I just guessed the prices of bulldozers and I am hyped.

Jeremy’s book Deep Learning for Coders with fastai and PyTorch: AI Applications Without a PhD is already written and will be available soon!

@jeremy will it become available in book form in AUS?