"PermissionError" in running lesson 1 notebook


I am trying to run lesson 1 notebook on AWS. Running the very first model throws an error as below:

It looks like it needs to create a subfolder named “tmp” under /data/dogcats, but it doesn’t have the permission. Does anyone can help and tell me how to solve this problem?


It looks like you’re running on crestle, but didn’t run the steps in the notebook that show how to set up crestle. Delete your data/dogscats/tmp folder and try running those steps.

I am not running on crestle. I am running on AWS…my understanding is I should skip all the steps needed if running on crestle(lines shown as below) and run the model directly, is that right?

When I did so I encountered the “Permission error”…

Ah OK then the opposite of what I said - you ran the Crestle steps when you shouldn’t have :slight_smile: Either way, remove that tmp folder and start again.

Thanks for the help. It works!

Hi, I am getting the same error…But not in Crestle…I am running in AWS.But In a new directory structure…

what rights i should give ? can u help

I did not create the tmp or cache folder –

You’re running code in the section titled “Extra steps if using Crestle”, but you’re not using Crestle… :wink:

(You should skip that section).

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