Performance check fails
the docs tells you to run this to check performance:

python -c "import fastai.utils.collect_env; fastai.utils.collect_env.check_perf()"

I get the error:

AttributeError: module 'fastai.utils.collect_env' has no attribute 'check_perf'

Importing fastai.utils.collect_env is good but it doesn’t have the check_perf function.

I used conda to install fastai as it was documented and have version 1.0.34

Am I supposed to have a different version to use the ‘check_perf’ function?

The github version:

My fastai.utils.collect_env starts with:

"Utility functions to help deal with user environment"
from ..imports.torch import *
from ..core import *

__all__ = ['show_install']


So it is because I have a different fastai version.

Shouldn’t conda install -c fastai fastai get the version that has check_perf?

fastai-1.0.38 has this check_perf function but the docs doesn’t mention this!