PC Part Detector

Hi! For my week 2 project, I made a PC Part Detector. I’ll link the Github Repo below so you can see how I did things (basically just copied what Jeremy did but with my data). I must say, I have never been this excited to learn in my entire life. This course is amazing and I can’t wait to complete it! :smiley:

This project came about earlier this morning after my RAM arrived. I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if a model could distinguish between different PC parts?” So I built just that! I want to get really granular and figure out how to localize components within a case and create a web application around this so my friends can upload photos to try and trick the model. But I am really excited that I got this thing working at all!


Github Repo Link: https://github.com/Andrew-Pynch/PC-Part-Detector/tree/master
(for some reason my upload speed is really slow right now if the link just shows the readme please wait a little while for the push to finish! :slight_smile:

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This thought certainly didn’t cross my mind when my RAM arrived. Well done!

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