Part 3 - What would you like to learn?

Hello everyone,

I’m approaching the end of part 2 with my study group and I need to make a plan for what to study next. So here I am crowdsourcing ideas, the question is simple:

If you could make a wish for a “part 3” what architectures/algorithms you would like ?

Here is my list:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Deep reinforcement learning, that would be cool.

hehehe, that’s my idea too and in case I run out of ideas that what I’m going to do. But it’s not a natural extension of DL course, it should be a course by itself as it requires a whole new theory and the game is played at a different level :slight_smile:

By the way, check this out:

Nice list!
What is a Complex Convnets (one body, many heads)?

Complex Convnets, is for example in robotics, when you have a single source of images and you want object detection, depthmap, segmentation, etc heads using a single CNN body.
I’ve have been reading that is not so straightforward and if is not done correctly every additional head reduces the overall performance, but instead, if done correctly, every head can reinforce the other.
Something to do with heteroskedasticity :sweat_smile:


How about Capsule Networks…
Although I think it lost its popularity?

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Sure, why not!