Part 2 video downloads

I’m been converting the lectures to MP4 so I don’t have to waste data while rewatching on the bus to work. 350ish MB each.

@jeremy, if you’re OK with me sharing a (non-public) Dropbox link here, I’d like to offer them to others.


You can just download the lectures to your phone (while on wi-fi) with the YouTube app. That’s what I’ve been doing for literally the same reason, to not use data while watching on the bus to work. :slight_smile:

That feature is available in certain countries (excluding USA I believe) or youtube red subscribers only

Confirmed excluding USA, also seems like excluding accounts tied to USA while abroad

You can just use youtube-dl to grab the videos.


Yep that’s what i did. They changed something with their throttling in the last couple months, so it often takes 18 hours (other times 5 mins). Figured I’d save people the hassle.

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A simple trick that I use to download them is to change the URL from to (Notice the ss before youtube) and you get to a website which allows you to download it in multiple resolutions.



I thought I’m the only one with the issue and I’m crazy.