Part 2 v3 live online like Part 1 v3?

Following. Reading the dev notebooks but would love to learn more about the design choices.

Livestream >>> recorded mooc. It forces action! Please please please! +10000 livestream for part 2 v3

+1 for Part 2 and beyond

+1 from me also!

+1 Following!

+1, obviously :slight_smile:

+1. It is like watching season 1 of Breaking Bad with no clue on the possibility of seeing the second


+1, eagerly waiting for it

+1 for part 2 live online version.

+1 can’t wait for part 2.

Same here. I’d be very willing to help/contribute in whatever way can be useful in order to get timely access to part 2 material. v2 gave me such a boost in ideas/things to research as it had not been happening in a very long time

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For me Part 1 v3 was like Christmas present so happy i was part of it :slight_smile: Would be great to have opportunity to view attend Part 2 :slight_smile:


I’m also hoping there is online live version of Part2 similar to Part1. Being able to discuss specific questions in the lectures and get answers was very valuable.

Guys, read the blog posts from Rachel…

Here is what she says in the FAQ of her post about diversity fellowships :
" I don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area; can I participate remotely? Yes! Stay tuned for details to be released in a blog post in the next few weeks."

The answer doesn’t seem to be “maybe” anymore, but a strong “yes” with exclamation mark! So don’t worry and wait for the post :wink:


which post ?

That’s great!!! Waiting for that post!!! Thanks

This one, scroll down to the FAQ:

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thanks for the info~