Part 2 launched today!

For those of you who took part 2 in person, or through the pre-release videos, you’re about to see things getting busier here, because I just released the part 2 MOOC! Take a look:

I hope you’ll keep an eye out on the forums to help new students to this part navigate the course successfully. :slight_smile: Let us know if you notice any issues with the notebooks, forums, etc.


Incredible dedication Jeremy with this excellent part 2 launch ! The pre-release videos are really cutting edge ! You and Rachel are having a tremendous impact on the democratization of applied deep learning around the world ! Thank you again to include all of us to be part of this scientific tsunami !


Totally agree. Thank you Rachel and Jeremy for making the course available to all of us.

Though I am not in SF rather in Bangalore, India. I went through the part-I course of Deep Learning by online. I am thankful to you Jeremy and Rachel for the course. This forum is also does a great deal regarding the community supports. Thank you for the Part 2. Great!!

where I can get the homework for part 2?

Thank you so much @jeremy @rachel, I’ve already watched all the pre-release part 2 videos twice and absolutely loved the material and the way you’ve taught it

Really excited for whatever’s next :slight_smile:

Also, when is the podcast coming out?!

Hope to be able to start working on that now(ish).


Each lesson wiki thread has links to the assignments for that lesson.

Thanks for that!

Note that the current “VIEW DETAILS” link still seems to point to part 1.

Thanks @jeremy!

Thanks @jeremy for these wonderful courses. I am redoing Part 1 on my own DL box (earlier I did it on aws) before starting with the Part 2.