Part 2 is online

Here is the blog post and summary of Part 2:

The notebooks are available over here

The course is available over here

The forums are currently not available to everyone right now, but will be available over here


How does this relate to the previous Part 2 course? It doesn’t seem like it is intended to be an updated version of last year’s course, since this one is much more about digging deeper into the basics rather than exploring the newest developments.

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Although I was just looking roughly, I could not find a topic for GAN. In particular, I remember cycleGAN is the topic that was supposed to be covered in part 2. Is not GAN covered in part 2?

In short this is different from the previous part 2 2018 course. This course is mainly focused around building the fastai library from scratch and then swift. Along the way we learn quite a lot of techniques.

So you should go through both the 2018 and the 2019 part 2 course.

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I am so happy with this second part, honestly, for the last two weeks I have been being bounced back by the code of fastai library when trying to modify classes to work with my own model and needs (some reinforcement learning) and I was getting more and more discouraged because every evening when I was getting up from the computer I was doing it with such a feeling of failure…
and today Jerry in his lesson 8 video (I watched first 1st half an hour so far) is giving me NEW HOPE!
thank you so much!, it is EXACTLY what I need (I mean, apart from hope :-), the bottom-up approach!)
I’m getting back to the course

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