Part 2 early release videos now available!

Edit: this thread is out of date - the course is now complete and available at . The links below are no longer correct.

OK folks, if you’ve finished part 1 and you’re needing some more deep learning learning, I’ve got good news for you… :slight_smile: I’ve made available part 2’s videos for you to enjoy!

Please note that this is an early release - there’s no course notes, the notebooks are not documented properly yet, the videos aren’t edited, and there’s no web-site for this part of the course. So please do not distribute this to public channels such as twitter, blogs etc; I don’t want to publicly announce this until it’s complete. (But feel free to tell your friends through private channels, if you wish).

I’ve also made the #part2 category available to all - previously it was only available to students of the in-person class. The notebooks and python files are all available at this github repo. Note that the notebooks will be changing regularly over the coming weeks, so you should probably make a copy of any that you’re working on.

We did not use for this part of the course, but instead created forum wiki threads. Each lesson’s thread is linked below next to each video. Please help us help the next batch of students by editing the wiki threads to add explanations, links, etc, and of course please contribute to the discussions in #part2! Without further ado, here’s the links to the videos and wiki threads:


Thank you for the early release!

The first part has been so exceptionally good that I’m tingling to see what Part 2 brings to us.

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Yes! This is amazing! Thank you!!!

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What a wonderful weekend! Back when I was in school and college, I waited for the weekends to escape weekday classroom lectures. Now, after I’ve started working full time, I wait for the weekends so that I can get back to your DL classroom lectures and make time for practice! Haha, thanks for the release Jeremy, hope you’re healthy and kicking ass :slight_smile:


@jeremy Thank you so much! This is priceless!

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@Jeremy, that’s excellent news! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Thanks @jeremy for the videos. I’ve bee looking forward to this launch.

Thank you thank you thank you! I was just waiting for this part 2!

Thank you for the early release. This is an amazing course.

@jeremy Thanks very much !

AWESOME, very excited to see these released early!

Oh fantastic! Can’t wait to play with these.

Awesome! I have been looking forward to part 2. Thank you very much for the early release.

@jeremy sorry,the video of lesson 8 can’t play on YouTube.can you give me the new link?thank you

Works for me…

Unfortunately, all the videos are unavailable for me!

Hi Naser. It’s not just you. I can confirm all the part 2 (2017) videos listed in this thread are unavailable. Here’s one example of the problem for lesson 8 video:

Nevertheless, we can still access the videos for part 2 (2017):

I think the links to the videos are outdated? I suggest you inform Jeremy to update the video links for everyone benefit in case they bump into this in the future.

Hi dear Jeremy,
Many thanks for your amazing courses and I really appreciate all your efforts. I am really eager to watch Part 2 (2018), but unfortunately all the videos are unavailable. Is there any other source that we can get all the videos? Many thanks in advance.

Hi @nrazavi - you can use the links in the post above yours kindly provided by @cedric .