Paperspace v3 missing

Paperspace/gradient only seems to offer v4. It is very confusing trying to follow videos of v3 while using notebook for v4! I tried Colab instead, but that is impossibly slow - 30 mins per epoch for the first exercise. Any suggestions?

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I had the same problem.
Open a Terminal in PaperSpace (In the Jupyter folder, click on “New” and then "Terminal)
Type ls and Enter to make sure that you only have the course-v4 folder.
Then type git clone and Enter. It will take some time.
Finally re-type ls and Enter, you should see the new course-v3 folder.
You can click on the Juptyer icon to come back top your folders and enjoy the v3!

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When creating a new notebook, at the step “01. Choose Container” click on the “All Containers” tab. You can find the v3 of the course there.


Thanks for the help. I ended up using Google Cloud Compute, which given a decent fast machine with $300 credit. Seems fairly easy to use.

I love you. This saved me hours of scavenging the orifices of the forums.