Paperspace - start-up v slow


I have followed these instructions to set myself up on Paperspace:

When I first log on, the console starts in a few seconds.

After I implement step three (updating the fastai repo contents) the console takes 10mins+ plus to start up. Is that normal?

I’ve tried creating a new machine in a new geography, but the same problem reoccurs.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any advice. I’m a complete newbie, so feel free to state what might seem obvious.

Hi Andy,
I had the same problem with mine (except mine was on the initial setup). I emailed support and they told me to SSH into the machine (which I had no idea what that meant). If you’re working on a Windows machine, download PuTTY (, which will allow you to SSH into the public IP address assigned to your machine. Then enter your password and launch Jupyter notebook and work as needed.


I hope this helps!

Hi Walt

Thanks very much. That seems to help a bit (it’s still slow, but faster than waiting for the console).


Hi lets say I use putty so should i first start the machine in the browser before opening it in putty ? and should i press shutdown on the browser once im done ?