Paperspace setup help

(Cedric Chee) #62

Awesome! Will give it a run to see if it works well and report back soon.

(Sanyam Bhutani) #63

Here’s a post on setting up GCP for Fast AI.
@Jeremy Should I link it in the Lesson 1 Wiki as well? Many might be interested in using the 300$ credits from Google.

(Ibrahim Khalil) #64

I checked the data folder. catdog hasnt been unzipped. I am now manually running each of the step from the script from unzip

(Radi) #65

Why do you think that’s the issue?

I did that and it didn’t fix my issue.

(Ibrahim Khalil) #66

I dont know… still going through the process… but I checked. amd64.deb files wasnt downloaded either because keys are fetched later

getting it to install is pretty hard work already

(Radi) #67

I am going to delete my VMs.

Keep me posted on your progress.

I might have to try doing the installation step by step.

(Ibrahim Khalil) #68

didnt work

(Radi) #69

This is very discouraging… I guess I can go try doing the AWS setup, but I am already invested in this…

Hope someone is able to fix it soon.

(Ibrahim Khalil) #70

did it… God amount of stuff I had to learn for just setting this up

so Jupyter config file isnt configured because of the break down

ran the following command
vim ~/.jupyter/

press “i” to enter insert mode
Copied the following at the top

c.NotebookApp.ip = '*'
c.NotebookApp.open_browser = False

press “Esc” and “wq:” enter to save and exit

than ran the jupyter notebook and it works

(Radi) #71

Great job!

Can you or someone submit a PR to fix that?

@financepk Will that work if I get a new VM, run that installation script, and make that config change?

(Daniel) #72

Sushant – Dan from Paperspace here. Just shoot over your email that you have in our system and I’ll get you approved right away:


(Jeremy K) #74

So I am still a bit confused. If I use the hourly plan, will I keep getting charged until I delete my machine? Like what if I go on vacation for a month and don’t turn on my machine. Will I still get the flat fee charged?

( #75

There is flat fee for storage.($5 per month). On top of that there is a charge for every hour you use the machine. You are responsible to shut it down every time after you are done.

(Jeremy K) #76

So just to be clear, as long as I shut it down, I would not get charged if I don’t use my machine for a month.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #77

This is already included in our setup script. Not sure why it didn’t run for you…

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #78

Please do! :slight_smile:

(Reshama Shaikh) #79


Summary of Charges for Paperspace

  • STORAGE: 250 GB ($7/month) or 50 GB ($5/month)
  • USAGE: $0.40/hr (least expensive machine available)
  • PUBLIC IP ADDRESS: $3/month (single static IP address)

If you shut down your machine, you will not be charged for usage. However, you will be charged for storage and the IP address.

(Radi) #80

I couldn’t tell you why, but it didn’t. The script is failing for some reason.

I did the setup line by line, and somewhere in the middle, I had to hit enter to continue. That might be the problem. It asked me to pick [Y, I, ..., N...] N = default or something like that.

Once I was done running all the commands, it finally worked.

There is definitely an issue with the setup script for Paperspace.
Before that could be launched officially, this issue must be resolved. I hope someone with a background in DevOps can take a look and solve it.

@financepk your advice helped me.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #81

Ah OK if you ran it line by line rather than as a script then it won’t work. You need to run it as a script.

(Daniel) #82

Dan from Paperspace here. I can confirm this is an accurate summary. Thanks for providing this @reshama