Paperspace losing all my data

I am creating this post to create yet another CW about PaperSpace.

I know that it is slightly my own fault for not backing up data, however, me and my team suffered huge loss from paperspace data loss. We have the growth plan and use paperspace as our primary training and deployment server.

After contacting customer service, I got the response of “please show inspect element errors” so I did, and they gave me a guide on fixing cache issues, even after specifically stating that it was data loss, I still got the cache issue guide.

Mistakes do happen, yes. So I would be fine if they were to compensate me for the lost data in site credit or reduced bill or something but NOPE. Complete waste of money and time with paperspace.

If you do use it, make sure to backup your files

Hi @kw6m,

Sorry to hear about any issues you had with Paperspace. Our support team has your ticket and it’s been escalated. They will keep you updated on progress through that ticket. Unfortunately in the first couple days of the month we can get backed up on tickets as billing runs and we can get an influx of questions but our support team is on it and is looking to resolve.

Hi @kw6m,

It sounds like our support team has restored the data and updated your ticket with that progress. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

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