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I’ve set up a Paperspace account and machine but Paperspace is unstable and unreliable and I don’t understand the “Paperspace for” post on github:
Does Part IV have to be repeated every time you want to use the notebook? Does it have to run on localhost? Seems like the approach on the video is easier.

Is it normal to take a longggg time for the prompt on the Paperspace console? How can you tell it’s actually working? It seems to freeze up frequently.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Is there a better option?

I am using Paperspace with P4000 machine.
I am using the default public template. So, I didn’t do any custom setup. Just create a machine with that template.

I change the OS password by typing ‘passwd’.

You can set a password to the notebook by typing ‘jupyter notebook password’.

Then after everytime you start the machine, simply type: ‘jupyter notebook’.

Then you can access the notebook with https://ip:8888 and enter the password you set.

This takes around 2 minutes for me. Which is fine in my case.

You can also try the new I didn’t had better luck with that yet.

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also paperspace already have all the notebooks so you can just use them to begin with

I got a reply from Paperspace tech support saying “For the most stable connection, we recommend using a dedicated terminal app versus the browser” but in the video Jeremy uses it in a browser. Are most of you using a browser?

i used browser

I looked more carefully at Reshama’s notes and now understand why he redirects local localhost to machine localhost. But I’m still not clear on whether Part IV has to be repeated for every session.

Thanks. I think you mean you’re not using Reshama’s approach with the local cmd window?

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